Microclean Solutions cleanroom services
Decontamination theory, industry best practices / protocols, and hands-on demonstrations.
Complete microcleaning and decontamination services.
Tailored packages including audits, inspection, interviews and evaluation.
Periodic supercleaning of your entire cleanroom environment
Cleanroom certification
Thorough testing and certification of your cleanroom environment.
Cleanroom design
Design and build of cleanrooms from start to finish.
Supplies & equipment
Provisioning of tools and materials.


ESD Engineering Services

General Audit and Consultation

Custom-tailored to your specific situation, problems or needs, consisting of the services and information your company will benefit from, including: an onsite audit/visual inspection; establishment of ESD requirements and ESD programs, evaluation of ESD control and housekeeping practices, yield issues and failure analysis as related to ESD issues, equipment and materials, and a written program for you to follow.

Detailed Audit and Consultation

  • Complete audit (cradle to grave as required) of ESD critical processes for compliance to ESD requirements
  • Check and determine if the work surfaces are ESD-protective (Rp-p) and properly grounded to a specific RTG (resistance to ground)
  • Certify work areas/stations though identification and calibration sticker on each bench, rack etc
  • Measure floor resistance and resistance to ground (confirm only)
  • Measure shelf-to-shelf resistances (example: racks)
  • General electrostatic field measurement (around work surface)
  • Handling trays/boxes resistance and RTG (if required)
  • Check Common Point Grounds (CPGs)


  • Corporate ESD Policy
  • ESD handling Procedure

Training Classes

  • Management: Financial Implication of an ESD Control Program
  • Engineers and technicians: Principles of Electrostatics and Static Control
  • Operators: Basics of ESD-Protective Handling
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