Microclean Solutions cleanroom services
Decontamination theory, industry best practices / protocols, and hands-on demonstrations.
Complete microcleaning and decontamination services.
Tailored packages including audits, inspection, interviews and evaluation.
Periodic supercleaning of your entire cleanroom environment
Cleanroom certification
Thorough testing and certification of your cleanroom environment.
Cleanroom design
Design and build of cleanrooms from start to finish.
Supplies & equipment
Provisioning of tools and materials.


Corporate Cleanroom Training Programs

Basic Cleanroom
Best Practices I

Decontamination theory, industry best practices/protocols and hands-on demonstrations. Half-day or full day sessions are available. Certification is accredited for all Levels 1, 2 and 3 upon course completion.

Staff testing of theory and real-world procedures is available as an option. Excellent introduction or refresher for housekeeping staff, cleanroom employees, as well as executives.

  • Course introduction
  • Why we need training
  • What is a cleanroom?
  • Classes of cleanrooms
  • Floor plans
  • What is contamination?
  • Types of contamination
  • Measuring cleanroom contaminants
  • General rules for cleaning
  • Protocols
  • Procedures
  • Gowning
  • Equipment
  • Materials

Cleanroom Protocols
Best Practices II

Decontamination theory, industry best practices / protocols, and hands-on demonstrations at your site.

More in-depth look at industry-wide protocols and practical real-world procedures and options. Includes many more onsite demonstrations and a detailed examination and discussion of the materials and equipment you are currently using at your site.

Shadow Training

Intensive hands-on or one-on-one "shadow" training for housekeeping staff.

When you need to bring a new housekeeping staff up to speed very quickly, handle problem areas, or want to upgrade the current quality of your decontamination efforts, this is a more intensive observation and hands-on training.

The MCS "Ultimate" Manual for Cleanrooms

Includes the consulting hours needed to tailor-make the process-specific manual you need. Indispensable and affordable.

Probably the best investment you can make to improve your cleanroom environment, focusing on increasing yields. The secret of this manual's quality and usefulness is that we carefully examine your working environment and tailor-make a manual for you with the right products you should use, a microcleaning matrix, and all the best answers right at your fingertips. Clear language and clear directions for your employees and cleaning staff.

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